Groupement des Cartes Bancaires (GIE CB), the French bank card association, has selected Gemalto’s white label mobile wallet solution Pure, to enable its member banks to deploy their own NFC mobile and in-app payment services.

Compliant with international standards, PURE is currently used by 27 national payment schemes and large retailers globally.

The platform is compatible with services provided by STET, the pan-European payment processing service provider, as well as within the broad network of merchants already supporting CB contactless payments.

Gilbert Arira, CEO of GIE CB, commented: "Using Gemalto's PURE mobile application will enable the swift integration of the CB brand in CB banks' mobile wallets.“

Gemalto president for Europe, Mediterranean and CIS Philippe Cambriel said: "CB is the pioneer of all national payment schemes worldwide, bringing both efficiency and security to its member banks, and also comfort and simplicity to French consumers for everyday purchases for more than 30 years. Gemalto is very proud to help expand CB's success story into mobile payment."