French consulting firm Capgemini and global non-profit organisation Efma have rolled out a new platform to foster collaboration between fintechs and financial institutions.

Dubbed FinTechVisor, the new portal provides a world-wide networking and collaborative community for fintechs and financial institutions who are keen to co-develop the future of the financial services industry.

The portal is equipped with a unique feature that enables bankers and insurers to rate fintechs and comment on their solutions.

It also has a ‘matchmaker-like’ personalised function using which financial organisations can find a fintech partner who matches their requirements and interests.

Capgemini will soon add a new feature ScaleUp Qualification Program to the portal, in which ScaleUps are evaluated by Capgemini to earn their qualification as a fintech.

A firm should have raised more than €1m, has full-time management and business traction for it to be considered a ScaleUps.

ScaleUps are assessed by Capgemini under four criteria people, finance, business and technology.

After evaluation, the companies earn their qualification as a fintech, if they meet the characteristics essential for sustained business success in partnership with a large corporate.

Efma CEO Vincent Bastid said: “The future is now, and with the FinTechVisor portal, financial institutions will have easy access to an extensive array of capabilities, bringing more flexibility and innovation to banks.

“Capgemini’s ScaleUp Qualification Program will take the portal’s value one step further as Capgemini has been at the forefront of the fintech collaborative revolution and has the skills to assess what is viable.”

The new portal will also feature an in-site messaging feature that enables financial organisations to contact fintechs through the platform.

The online platform also houses a fintech library and will soon include a content hub to showcase latest fintech news and trends, as well as stories of successful collaborations.