Poland’s co-operative bank BPS has
become the first in Europe to install a biometric cash point,
allowing clients to use their fingertips rather than a bank card to
withdraw money.

The Polish bank said it would
install three or four of the new biometric machines in the capital
Warsaw by the end of the year, and about 200 more in the 365 banks
in its network across the country.

The bank machine, developed by IT
provider Wincor Nixdorf, scans the unique network of fingertips
allowing customers to identify themselves and make

According to a report from
AFP, Krzysztof Jagielski, the bank’s vice-president, said:
“Our bank is the first in Europe to provide its clients with a new
means to secure transactions to complement the secret code of their
banking card.”

Although, Jagielski admitted: “As with all technological
changes, there must be some time for people to adapt.”