US-based enterprise risk and compliance solutions provider Behavox has partnered with Red Box to enhance voice data analytics for financial institutions.

The partnership will lead to integration of ‘Conversa by Red Box’ platform with the Behavox platform.

Behavox will use this platform to maximise the value of captured audio conversations across the US, Canada, and Europe.

This will allow the company to deliver detailed and actionable analytics to financial institutions.

Moreover, the integrated partnership will also provide the firms with access to artificial intelligence (AI)-based voice technology capabilities.

Companies can analyse their own data to avoid regulatory fines and company crisis, and ultimately retain the trust earned from their clients.

They can do so using the Conversa platform’s voice data, as well as email, text, tools, and communications apps.

Red Box CPO Pete Ellis said: “Having previously worked with Behavox on multiple complex integration projects, we are pleased to have real-world examples of a seamless, effective and stable joint infrastructure.

“We are excited to be building on that by partnering with Behavox to provide customers with reliable and secure connectivity between Red Box’s enterprise voice capture solution, Conversa and Behavox’s risk and compliance platform, enabling customers to effectively fulfil their regulatory voice supervision requirements.”

Behavox is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based data operating platform that helps financial institutions catch fraud before it occurs.

The platform covers 10 languages and over 150 data types to tackle threats.

Behavox and Red Box’s technology teams will work together across various research and development (R&D) areas for future infrastructure developments.

Behavox COO Kiryl Trembovolski said: “Our partnership with Red Box will take us one step closer toward our goal of organizing all the enterprise data in the world and making it useful for our clients.

“Red Box’s ability to support voice capture from any platform and the open-API philosophy will support built-in data integrity and data reconciliation mechanisms, enabling us to help customers catch compliance violations quickly and accurately.”

In October last year, Danske Bank augmented compliance supervision by implementing software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based compliance solution from Behavox.