Spanish lender BBVA has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Salesforce to use the latter’s cloud computing services to improve the bank’s customer relationship management (CRM) strategy.

The partnership will help the bank effectively manage its customer relationships, improve time to market and marketing campaigns.

Teams from the two companies will initially share projects to identify additional opportunities to leverage Salesforce’s technology, and set up a framework for joint product development to suit the bank’s requirements.

BBVA CEO Carlos Torres Vila said: “BBVA is redefining its customer relations, moving from providing infrastructure around money to assisting customers in their professional and personal lives, helping them achieve their goals, thus becoming their financial assistant.

“Technology and the support of key players like Salesforce, will allow us to bring the age of opportunity to everyone.”

The MoU with Salesforce is another step to accelerate the bank’s digital transformation. Last month, the bank signed a global cloud computing agreement with Amazon Web Services to support the digital transformation process.

In February 2016, the bank selected technology provider Cisco as its priority technology partner, while in May 2016 it struck a partnership with Red Hat, a provider of enterprise open source solutions.