British banking group Barclays has rolled out voice biometrics technology for phone banking, a move that will phase out the need for security passwords or passwords for authentication.

The technology will identify a caller based solely on their voice, by matching his/her voice against the voice print securely stored on Barclays’ system.

Barclays CEO of personal banking Steven Cooper said: “We can all relate to the frustration of forgetting a password at the crucial moment. Voice security can cut out that part of the call completely and, unlike a password, each person’s voice is as unique as a fingerprint.”

The British lender started offering this service to a limited number of customers in 2013, and after a successful trial has now started offering it to all customers.

The service is available only to the bank’s personal and premier customers.

“Barclays is constantly looking at ways to improve services for customers and make it easier for them to get things done quickly; this is the perfect example of technology that does exactly that. There’s no need for customers to change how they bank with us, or in fact do anything differently at all – just continue to use telephone banking in the same way,” Cooper added.