Barclays has upped the maximum limit
for its contactless card transactions in the UK from £10 ($14.96)
to £15 to make paying for smaller transactions easier for its

The £15 limit brings the UK more closely in
line with contactless limits across Europe, which range from €15 to
€25 ($20 to $34).

There are now more than 2m contactless-enabled
Barclays Visa debit cards and 4m credit cards, since Barclaycard
introduced the technology in 2007.

“The new higher limit gives customers the
flexibility of paying for even more transactions quickly, securely
and conveniently via a contactless card payment and will lead to
more retailers implementing the technology,” said Brian Cunnington,
head of debit cards for Barclays.

Contactless allows customers to pay for transactions of £15 or
less by holding their card over a special reader, without the need
to enter a PIN or insert the card into a terminal.