Bankwest is teaming up with LivePerson to launch an in-app messaging service through its banking app that synchronises conversations across devices.

Known as LiveEngage, the new in-app messaging service works like any other popular consumer messaging services and allows customers to message Bankwest for service over the bank’s website and app.

The service will allow customers to start a conversation from their computer and pick it back up on their phone or they can message the bank like they text their friends, over the web and in the bank’s app. Push notifications and history will enable users to continue conversations in their own time.

Bankwest general manager for contact centres Max Clarke said: “Consumers prefer messaging their friends and family because of the convenience to go about their day while they have a conversation.

“We partnered with LivePerson to bring that same delightful experience to banking.

“It’s like putting the power and expertise from our branch offices right inside a customer’s pocket. It’s an amazingly simple experience. LivePerson brings together the enabling technology and operations capabilities.”

The messaging app is available for iOS and Android devices for Bankwest’s customers.