BankAxept, the national payment scheme of Norway, has awarded a contract to digital security giant Gemalto to allow all local banks interconnect through a single credentials management hub for secure management of mobile payments services.

Gemalto’s cloud-based turnkey Allynis Trusted Service Hub (TSH) solution, integrated with BankAxept’s platform, will support one-stop interconnectivity between the banks participating in the BankAxept payment scheme.

“The new solution will make it far easier for merchants in Norway to offer customers the option of simple and secure payments via their smartphones, boosting the growth of the mobile payment ecosystem in the country,” the technology provider said.. 

BankAxept CEO Øyvind Apelland said: “Gemalto’s expertise in the deployment of mobile payment services is proven with numerous references worldwide.

“Their solution offers flexibility and modularity, combined with rapid time-to-market. This modular approach suits us well since it facilitates integration with our in-house components.”

BankAxept is owned by all the banks in Norway, and has more than eight million payment cards in circulation.