Bankable, Aion Bank, and Vodeno have announced a 10-year strategic, multi-layered partnership for all European markets and the UK.

Aion and Vodeno – both backed by global private equity firm, Warburg Pincus – and Bankable will create the most functionally rich Banking as a Service offering in Europe.

The alliance will target EU and non-EU banks wishing to build a strong multi-country offering, global brands building embedded finance solutions and fintech scale-ups from Europe, the US, Latam and APAC seeking to launch a multi-country offer in Europe.

Together, the companies will supply a one-stop-shop for ambitious cross border clients wishing to simultaneously address multiple markets in Europe with accounts, cards and local IBANs.

Through the alliance, Bankable will add Aion Bank to its portfolio of bank sponsors.

“We are in a position to attract premium clients”

Bankable will set up pan-European, pre-approved account and card programmes under Aion Bank payment and settlement rails to accelerate time-to-market for premium banks, global brands and fintechs.

Bankable will also utilise Vodeno’s cloud native technology to complement its own tech stack with a ’Credit as a Service’ offering.

The Vodeno Cloud Platform (VCP) is one of the most comprehensive banking platforms in the market offering an entire spectrum of banking products. These include deposits, investments and lending together with cards, payments and KYC via its curated ecosystem of over 80 pre-integrated fintech partners.

“We offer both a formidable infrastructure powered by the best technology”

Eric Mouilleron, CEO & founder of Bankable:

“Thanks to our complementary assets and strong alignment of our teams, we are in a position to attract premium clients willing to develop a pan-European banking offer leveraging a best-in-class infrastructure.”

Wojciech Sobieraj, CEO of Aion Bank, added:

“Bankable and Aion share the same mission: to give pan-European access to premium local banks and to offer embedded financial services across Europe to fintechs, established businesses and brands.

“Together with Vodeno, we offer both a formidable infrastructure powered by the best technology that gives access to banking-related services that are modular and easy to integrate, and the deepest product breadth in the Bank as a Service European market, covering accounts, cards and credit.”