Switzerland-based Bank Vontobel has selected Appian, a US-based software developer, to execute its digital transformation strategy across all business divisions.

The Swiss bank will use Appian’s low-code application platform to improve customer experience and transform traditional business methods to more efficient and agile processes.

Appian claims that its platform will accelerate the development of enterprise applications without any coding. It combines process management, data management, native mobility (online and offline), collaboration and content management.

The platform is being used by Vontobel’s employees across its European and North America offices in three business areas – asset management, private banking and investment banking.

Appian said that its platform will streamline Vontobel’s customer onboarding/client configuration processes, contribute to an automated risk analysis process and manage compliance.

Appian founder and CEO Matt Calkins said: “With the Appian Platform, the company is empowering its employees to create unique enterprise applications that can improve customer experiences, streamline business processes, and increase efficiencies.

“Customers like Vontobel continue to validate the value our platform brings as companies transition into digital businesses.”