Bank of the West, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas Group, has launched its newly redesigned online banking platform for its personal and business banking customers.

The redesign, based on user testing, will revamp entire infrastructure of Bank of the West’s online banking platform encompassing front-end to back-end.

The new online banking website will be tablet-friendly and its landing page will provide an at-a-glance account overview, displaying account balances, upcoming payments and transfers, and customers’ spending breakdown.

The new platform will feature finance management tools such as Quick Pay for payment of bills and Quick Transfers for money transfers within Bank of the West accounts and to or from other US financial institutions.

Bank of the West head of online banking and payments Vivian Yeung said: "When making changes to our online banking platform, we aimed to deliver an experience that is consistent page-to-page and device-to-device, while encouraging customers to utilize all of our handy tools for managing your finances.

"Our mantra is design, test, iterate. By seeking customer feedback early and often, we can continuously evaluate and improve our online banking services."