A new survey has found that the number of US consumers experiencing fraudulent bank account activity increased from 15% to 17% last year.

The annual survey was commissioned by intelligent IP video solutions provider March Networks.

It found that 15% of the respondents experiencing fraudulent activity identified five or more such incidents in the 12-month period.

Around 9% of such customers changed their bank in response to fraudulent bank account activity, the 2018 survey stated.

However, it also said that 92% of the respondents were satisfied with how their banks handled fraudulent activity.

Around 63% of consumers identified the fraudulent activity themselves, while 37% of respondents were informed by their bank.

Additionally, the survey results established that customer experience is one of the key factors in retaining customers.

One in every five respondents said that they changed their banks in the last one year due to poor services.

Cleanliness and tidiness of the local branches is also a factor that contributes to switching banks, the survey said.

Around 98% of the respondents said they feel secure while conducting transactions at their local banking branch. The figure drops to 93% in case of online transactions and 83% for mobile transactions.

Alongside, more than 90% of the customers opined that presence of surveillance cameras at the banks prevent crime.

Most of the respondents also agreed that video surveillance expedites crime settlement.

March Networks president and CEO Peter Strom said: “Understanding consumer perceptions and how they influence where consumers choose to bank is important for all financial institutions – especially when it comes to strategic planning and the dramatic transformation many institutions are currently undertaking to increase their competitive position.”