Bank of China Hong Kong is set to introduce finger vein authentication system to all its ATMs across the city.

The new initiative, already rolled out to nearly 160 ATMs in Hong Kong, is expected to increase safety in making transactions as well as eliminate the need to remember passwords.

Last year, the bank tested the new feature under a pilot project that provided the customers instant access to banking services at designated ATM branches without the need of a signature or password authentication process.

The new form of identification is said to be safer than facial recognition systems where at times results are affected by light, camera angle or shape.

The finger vein authentication process utilises near-infrared LED to scan the finger and identify the vein pattern of the customer, which are unique for every person.

The customer can carry out monetary transactions when the finger vein pattern matches with the data stored in the machine. The finger vein patterns remain unaffected by sweat, stains or peeling on fingers.

To carry out ATM transactions through finger vein authentication, the respective customer needs to get registered for the system.

Nearly 10,000 people have already registered for the new system. The bank is expected to soon roll out the new technology in all its ATM branches.