US-based financial services provider
BancVue, has launched MoneyIsland, an online space geared towards
the 8 to 14 year-old age group.

According to BancVue,
MoneyIsland engages children to become “financial gurus” through
adventurous quests to the Eiffel Tower, Atlantis, and other exotic

The built-in curriculum,
developed by an award-winning educator, teaches kids in three key
financial categories: saving and spending, earning & investing,
and using credit wisely.

BancVue developed
MoneyIsland in response to the downward trend of financial literacy
in the US, now at an all-time low.

Former teacher Felix
Brandon Lloyd, creator of MoneyIsland, said:

“The trick is to teach
kids something valuable with fun and engaging activities, so they
look forward to coming back again and again.”

BancVue now creates
products and executes integrated and localised marketing plans for
around 1,300 community banks and credit unions across the