Puerto Rico‘s Banco Popular has tapped Diebold Nixdorf advanced predictive maintenance analytics technology to improve operational efficiency and consumer touchpoint visibility.

The technology vendor said that its analytics technology will have the lender get a complete view of its self-service channel as well as improve ATM uptime by anticipating maintenance needs.

The technology will support near real-time collection of data from the self-service channel, offering better insight into the health of the self-service channel and the maintenance needs of individual devices, Diebold said.

It will allow data accumulation from the self-service and other channels to help the bank gain a complete view of its user experience across all channels.

Banco Popular senior vice president of the digital strategy division Rachid Molinary said: "Banco Popular realizes the importance of financial institutions making data-driven decisions.

"With Diebold Nixdorf's expertise in advanced analytics, we are collaboratively working to enhance our operations and migrate transactions from the teller lines to the self-service channel."