Authlogics, a specialist in multi-factor authentication, has rolled out a multi-factor authentication platform for retail banks.

The technology vendor said that its new Authlogics for Retail Banking solution will help banks offer customers secure authentication for online, mobile and telephone banking services, and additional layers security for ATM and Point of Sale devices.

The solution allows banks to replace hard-tokens and passwords with a set of solutions that boosts overall security through 1.5 Factor Authentication (1.5FA), 2FA and 3FA logon methods.

The Authlogics for Retail Banking platform will include PINgrid and PINphrase. PINgrid is a pattern-based authenticator that can be used as a traditional 2FA (transforming mobile devices in to soft-tokens) and 1.5FA for a secure One Time Code logon without the requirement of a secondary device.

PINphrase makes use of memorable information as a secure authenticator, working by storing customer data.