Philadelphia-based Asian Bank has chosen fintech solutions provider Computer Services (CSI) as its core provider to offer digital banking solutions to its customers.

Under this partnership, Asian Bank will offer enhanced digital solutions to customers such as online banking, bill payments and statement delivery.

CSI can also help the bank consolidate its online and mobile banking into one login, thereby facilitating customer growth and retention, according to Asian Bank officers.

Its NuPoint core platform is said to help the bank boost the productivity of its employees through accelerated data access and advanced reporting.

Moreover, CSI noted that its core processing platform integrated with its digital banking solutions enables banks to streamline vendor management as well as leverage customer data.

This integration is said to remove technology barriers and improve channel delivery for both banks and end customers.

CSI chairman and CEO Steve Powless said: “At CSI, we are continuously working to provide enhanced technology offerings that best fit the needs of banks and their customers.

“Asian Bank serves a specific and important community in the Philadelphia area and we have made it our priority to help them meet the unique business and personal financial needs of their customers.”

Through this partnership, the bank also aims to make its operations more cost-effective.

CSI’s commitment to service delivery and history of partnering with customer lenders were said to be key factors driving its selection by the bank.

Asian Bank president and CEO James Wang said: “As we progressed in our discussions leading up to the implementation stage, it became clear to us that CSI makes providing outstanding customer service a goal in every interaction.”