British security startup AimBrain has added optional audio and lip synchronisation technology to its facial authentication module to bolster security and counter fraud.

Dubbed AimFace//LipSync, the platform is designed to prove liveliness and counter even the most sophisticated spoofing technologies, the company claims.

It will offer customers stronger user authentication as it combines facial recognition with a spoken challenge and lip movement analysis.

AimBrain lead scientist Efstathios Vafeias said: “We have developed an algorithm that uses both visual and audio data to detect a real person, not a presentation attack. By asking a user to say a randomised number to the camera, our technology now not only authenticates their face against a template, but verifies that the numbers match the prompt and analyses the synchronisation between the voice and lip movement.

“So as well as providing a step-change in security, this method maintains accuracy while being less susceptible to hardware or environmental changes.”

AimBrain added that it new feature will assess whether the face match the template; does the lips move in response to the voice challenge; and is the sound synchronised to the lip movement.

AimBrain CEO and co-founder Andrius Sutas said: “Our lip sync technology means that to beat it, an attacker must be human, look exactly like the user and correctly say a random number, while we analyse the lip movements, within a limited timeframe. The level of sophistication required for an attack goes far beyond ordinary capabilities.”