Absa customers have taken to Twitter to complain about downtime on the bank’s online services for the second time in a week.

The South African bank, a subsidiary of Barclays, has admitted that online service has been intermittent at best since 10am local time on 31 January, but some customers claim the online platform has been down for longer.

Users criticised the bank for not being proactive in communicating with customers, with Twitter user @art2gee saying: "It’s critical to communicate what’s happening and what’s being done about it when a banking site goes down or has glitches."

@Absa replied: "@art2gee Too true! We’re flagging this comment with our leadership and comms team, because we need to be more proactive."

Absa also asked many customers to keep trying to log on to online services, as technical staff said service was intermittent rather than completely shut down, and to keep the bank updated on their progress via Twitter.

The bank said its techies were "all over a long term fix".

Apologising to user @Ryk_van_Niekirk, Absa acknowledged the seriousness of the problem.

Absa said: "When a key service goes down at month end and twice in the same week, we take it very seriously."


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