Paul Fisher, managing director, services at Wincor Nixdorf and Dan Gilby, head of self service at Travelex discuss with Douglas Blakey the significance of the seven year deal agreed between the two firms

Travelex the world’s largest foreign exchange specialist with almost 1,500 stores and 1,250 ATMs across 28 countries selected Wincor Nixdorf as its strategic payment processing provider to support its plans for business growth over the next seven years.

RBI asked Paul Fisher, managing director, services at Wincor Nixdorf Dan Gilby head of self service at Travelex to summarise the significance of the deal agreed between Travelex and Wincor.

Paul Fisher: We are delighted that Travelex has selected Wincor Nixdorf as its strategic payment processing provider to support its plans for business growth over the next seven years.

We started working with Travelex in 2005 when we were first engaged to deliver a comprehensive hardware solution and our portfolio of services has grown from there. Our relationship with Travelex is based on a true partnership and we work hard to ensure that our solutions meet the needs of their global operations.

Following the successful rollout of ATMs at various UK Travelex locations during the first five years, we then identified an opportunity to look at how we could provide payment processing services on these ATMs. Travelex recognise the importance of working with long term partners to support growth and therefore based on a proven open and honest relationship we were extremely pleased when Travelex confirmed Wincor Nixdorf as its strategic payment processing provider.

This contract enables payment processing for ATMs in the UK, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic.

In addition to these European countries, Travelex’s existing ATMs in Asia Pacific will migrate onto Wincor Nixdorf’s global platform allowing it to simplify and streamline its business.

Over the past ten years, we’ve provided an extremely reliable and consistent service to ensure high ATM availability; a crucial element to Travelex’s business. As we advance into the next stage of the contract, we will be fully committed to our continuous improvement programme to ensure we meet their high expectations.

RBI: What was it about the Wincor proposition that persuaded Travelex to renew and extend its agreement with Wincor Nixdorf?

Dan Gilby: With Wincor Nixdorf we get a complete end to end managed service tailored to our requirements. The deal includes hardware / software / processing / maintenance and helpdesk management software so it’s a one stop shop with flexibility for us to add or remove items from their menu of services as and when we please.

As Wincor Nixdorf are not a competitor of Travelex (they don’t deploy their own ATMs) we can feel happy that the many technical enhancements that make to both host processing software and also ATM software are protected and will not be used by our competitors without our agreement.

RBI: Regarding the ATMs in Asia Pacific and North America migrating onto Wincor Nixdorf’s global platform…what was the Travelex arrangement in these markets prior to this deal? Was Travelex working with a Wincor competitor?

Gilby: Only Asia Pacific ATMs (Australia / New Zealand / Hong Kong) will migrate over to be processed by the host. The Americas ATMs will remain under their current arrangements / contracts for the foreseeable future.

The rationale for the move was to allow Travelex to migrate the transaction processing of as many countries as possible under one contract so that we can consolidate costs around compliance / development / software and effectively have the same look and feel on as much of our estate as possible.

We also wanted the ability to ask for single change requests that could be replicated easily to all countries running on the switch simultaneously. We will still continue to utilise the very strong and great partnerships we have with both our current and former processors utilising their enhanced switching / scheme connections they have in country and working with them in the future to let them potentially take advantage of the "Global Hub" and its connectivity.

RBI: Wincor talks about an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement… can you give one or two examples?

Fisher: Continuous improvement lies at the heart of what we do. In our industry, you cannot afford to stand still and we recognise the importance of continually striving for best fit solutions alongside sustainable road maps.

Having worked with Travelex for a number of years, we have naturally adapted and enhanced the services we deliver to them. As our partnership has progressed we have been able to add a greater range of services to the Travelex portfolio which has not only given us the opportunity to deliver a more efficient service but has also provided them with a simplified business model.

Delivering a solution which encompasses hardware, software and services to Travelex gives us the flexibility to truly meet its needs and provides a solid platform for future growth. Consolidation of its ATMs and payment processing services across the Travelex network allows the solution to be adaptable and responsive, truly supporting Travelex’s growth objectives.

Having one strategic payment process provider and a consolidated network of ATMs also gives us greater visibility of the bigger picture and allows us to suggest and deliver improvements on a network wide scale. This also means we can quickly and easily rollout any changes or updates across the whole network, minimising any disruption to services for customers.

All of this has only been possible due to our commitment to continuous improvement and by working as a true partner with Travelex to understand not only its current needs, but its plans and business goals for the future. Travelex prides itself on taking the lead in innovation and we see ourselves as one of the partners in the background allowing the company to achieve this.

Deploying an end to end solution from a trusted partner like us enables Travelex to benefit from operational efficiencies and also gives it a credible, quick to market business model which is key to supporting its plans for expansion.