SmartStream Technologies is the financial Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM®) solutions provider. Roland Brandli, the strategic product manager, speaks with Mohamed Dabo

Last December, SmartStream announced the launch of its new corporate brand identity, including an updated logo and website.

“The rebranding reflects the company’s expanding use of innovation to advance its technological capabilities, as well as to meet evolving customer and industry requirements,” the company says.

SmartStream’s financial transaction management solutions, which utilise the latest AI and machine learning capabilities, bring automation and improved control to post trade operations.

They enable firms to cut costs and risk, boost operational performance, optimise manual touch points, and comply accurately with regulation.

SmartStream’s technology is used by institutional banks, buy-side firms, neo-banks, payments service providers, corporates, and telecommunications companies across the globe.

With over four decades of experience behind it, SmartStream calls itself a trusted partner to the financial industry.

Now solely owned and funded by the Investment Corporation of Dubai, the London-based company has been transforming middle and back-office operations across the globe.

The company’s mission: “To deliver innovative and reliable solutions that enhance the operational efficiency and efficacy of our clients while positioning us as an integral element in the success and happiness of our partners and our people.”

What follows are some of SmartStream’s latest initiatives.

KeyBank goes live with SmartStream’s cloud collateral management solution

SmartStream Technologies has gone live with its TLM Collateral Management (formerly Algorithmics/IBM Collateral) OnDemand solution. It offers coverage for cleared and non-cleared, over the-counter (OTC) derivatives, repo, and securities lending margining.KeyBank needed to streamline its back-office workflow with a cloud offering that would enhance efficiencies within their collateral management operations – this included all data capture, validation, calculation, and processing.In addition, the use of APIs links the application to various other reporting solutions and downstream systems.

A powerful user interface provides clear and logical paths for the user, and a management dashboard will help with trend analysis and decision-making.

SmartStream reveals its latest reference data service for Exchange Notifications

In May, SmartStream launched its Exchange Notification Service (ENS) as part of its SmartStream RDU solution suite and developed in partnership with clients.The ENS service has been designed to track, consolidate and normalise reference data notifications published by each exchange.Globally there are more than 100 exchanges where derivatives are traded. Due to multiple exchanges and formats, managing all the subscriptions from each exchange is a mammoth task.

SmartStream in conjunction with several clients realised that missing exchange notifications in the reference data space can be very costly. With ENS, a firm no longer needs to incur the operational overheads of manually monitoring these notices.

SmartStream RDU is the only service provider to produce a consolidated list of normalised notifications – providing a cost-effective, timely, complete, and accurate service.

SmartStream expands global footprint with its latest cloud-native AI application

In mid-April, SmartStream launched SmartStream Air version 3, designed to support global clients on the Microsoft Azure platform.This allows more countries to meet local regulatory requirements and access improved AI capabilities for managing critical data across the enterprise.Many regions, such as the UAE, are now demanding Microsoft Azure for the hosting of all their data requirements to enhance their infrastructure and to allow flexibility when using data and providing a greater ability to meet local regulatory pressures.

SmartStream Air version 3 is cloud-native, behaves like a consumer app, requires no training or IT skill set for its use and is the fastest AI data quality application available today.

SmartStream Air has always been hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and now due to local demand, it is available on the Microsoft Azure platform – giving clients the flexibility to choose depending on their regional requirements.

SmartStream Air version 3 comes with full ‘data lake’ support – allowing clients to incorporate reconciliations and run custom reports using analytical tools based on the collected data.

This new feature allows for deep insights of the data in the reconciliation process by using tools such as Microsoft Power BI or Tableau, to optimise workflows and improve matching rates.

SmartStream launches high performance, AI enabled platform to meet client demands for managing complex data

A month earlier, SmartStream Technologies launched TLM Aurora Universal Data Control.Driven by client demand, it is the only solution of its type to match any reconciliations data, from basic to complex matching by enabling AI, machine learning and cloud-native technology.Banks are under pressure to carry out changes to their core systems due to ISO 20022 standards and the impact Covid-19 has had with staff working from home.

Financial institutions have realised over the years that data sets and the types of reconciliations have become more complex, partly due to open banking APIs and the increase in volumes.

SmartStream, led by its clients, has completely re-engineered TLM Aurora Universal Data Control with a comprehensive solution to accommodate industry demands and the challenges faced by financial institutions.

“The beginning of an exciting future”

Roland Brandli tells RBI:“The discussions we are having with banks right now revolve around ISO 20022 which is the biggest driver – where financial institutions are having to upgrade legacy systems for data remediation and improved channel and back-office processing.“We decided to completely rebuild a solution, this involved developing a new environment to meet today’s business needs.

“We were able to develop the solution at speed by leveraging the latest AI and machine learning technologies from our Innovation Lab, deploying the latest UI design from our market leading TLM solution suite, whilst working with our Managed Services team to ensure that it’s easily accessible and cloud-native.

“TLM Aurora Universal Data Control provides wall-to-wall coverage and goes over and beyond basic reconciliations. It is based on open architecture and adaptable to all banking requirements, without the need to reengineer any operational processes”.

At the launch of the new corporate brand identity, CEO Haytham Kaddoura said:

“We made the decision to take a good look at our business from the outside in. We saw the importance of aligning the brand with the energy of the business, the innovations we are developing in partnership with our customers, and the new markets we are currently entering.

“The refreshed branding marks the beginning of an exciting future”.