UnitedHealth Group had four patents in regtech during Q4 2023. The patent filed by UnitedHealth Group Inc in Q4 2023 involves systems and methods for reviewing payments using artificial intelligence. Training data is collected on payments made by insurance payors for claims from medical providers, which is used to train a model predicting payment amounts. When a payment is received, the model predicts the amount and compares it to the actual payment to determine anomalies, which are then reviewed by an auditor for contract compliance. GlobalData’s report on UnitedHealth Group gives a 360-degreee view of the company including its patenting strategy. Buy the report here.

UnitedHealth Group grant share with regtech as a theme is 25% in Q4 2023. Grant share is based on the ratio of number of grants to total number of patents.

Recent Patents

Application: Systems and methods for reviewing payments using artificial intelligence (Patent ID: US20230376963A1)

The patent filed by UnitedHealth Group Inc. describes systems and methods that utilize artificial intelligence to review payments made by insurance payors to medical providers. The technology involves training a model using payment data to predict the correct payment amount for a claim based on metadata such as the medical service provided and network status. When a payment is received, the model predicts the expected amount and compares it to the actual payment to identify anomalies. If an anomaly is detected, the payment is flagged for review by an auditor to ensure compliance with the contract between the payor and provider.

The method and system outlined in the patent involve receiving payment data, estimating the correct payment amount using a model trained on previous payments, and identifying anomalous payments by comparing the estimated and actual amounts. The technology aims to streamline the auditing process by automating the detection of irregular payments, ultimately improving the efficiency and accuracy of payment reviews in the healthcare insurance industry. Additionally, the patent includes provisions for updating the payment model based on feedback from auditors, further enhancing its predictive capabilities and accuracy in identifying payment anomalies.

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