UnitedHealth Group had 64 patents in artificial intelligence during Q4 2023. The UnitedHealth Group Inc filed patents in Q4 2023 for innovative natural language processing techniques. These patents include methods for generating cohesive and comprehensive summaries of multi-party interactions, utilizing hybrid extractive and abstractive summarization techniques. Additionally, the patents cover text comprehension methods that involve identifying and removing irrelevant sentences from narratives using machine-learning models. The patents also describe methods for generating a feature store by connecting to a target database, generating a structure, and populating it with predefined feature values. GlobalData’s report on UnitedHealth Group gives a 360-degreee view of the company including its patenting strategy. Buy the report here.

UnitedHealth Group grant share with artificial intelligence as a theme is 31% in Q4 2023. Grant share is based on the ratio of number of grants to total number of patents.

Recent Patents

Application: Machine-learning based transcript summarization (Patent ID: US20230419051A1)

The patent filed by UnitedHealth Group Inc. describes a computer-implemented method for automatically generating a summary of a multi-party interaction using natural language processing. The method involves receiving a transcript of the interaction, identifying key sentences, generating contextual summaries based on these sentences, and creating reported contextual summaries from the perspective of specific participants. The process combines extractive and abstractive summarization techniques to produce comprehensive summaries that capture the essence of the interaction.

Furthermore, the patent outlines the use of machine-learning models such as paraphrasers, speech converters, and irrelevant classifiers to enhance the summarization process. These models help in generating more concise and relevant summaries by removing redundant phrases, irrelevant sentences, and hallucinated content. The generated summaries can be used to create call logs, assess performance, resolve issues, and take appropriate actions based on the content of the interaction. Overall, the method aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of predictive natural language summarization for multi-party interactions.

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