BlackRockb has filed a patent for an investment manager engine that automatically manages an investment fund. The engine receives contributions and determines an allocation of the contribution among securities and guaranteed income assets, with a portion allocated to guaranteed income assets that provide a guaranteed annual income stream. The patent also includes a computer-implemented method for administering the investment fund, including a graphical user interface display for adjustable monetary contributions. GlobalData’s report on BlackRock gives a 360-degree view of the company including its patenting strategy. Buy the report here.

According to GlobalData’s company profile on BlackRock, insurance pricing automation was a key innovation area identified from patents. BlackRock's grant share as of June 2023 was 1%. Grant share is based on the ratio of number of grants to total number of patents.

The patent filed is for a computer-implemented method for administering an investment fund

Source: United States Patent and Trademark Office(USPTO). Credit: BlackRock Inc

A recently filed patent (Publication Number: US20230206339A1) describes a computer-implemented method for administering an investment fund. The method involves maintaining portfolios of the investment fund, including stocks, bonds, and a guaranteed income portfolio with guaranteed income assets that can be converted into a guaranteed annual income stream. The method also includes displaying an adjustable monetary contribution slider on a graphical user interface, allowing users to make contributions based on the slider's location. The investment manager engine then determines to add an additional guaranteed income asset to the guaranteed income portfolio and adds it based on a portion of the contribution.

The patent also describes a method for determining whether to add additional guaranteed income assets to the portfolio. This involves using an analysis module to determine the cost of a guaranteed annual income based on the current transactable values of the guaranteed income assets. A comparison is made between the determined cost and a guaranteed income cost estimate, which includes an estimate of the cost of the desired annual income. If the determined cost exceeds the estimated cost by at least a threshold difference, additional guaranteed income assets are added to the portfolio.

The guaranteed income assets in the portfolio consist of a transactable price component and a guaranteed annual income component. The transactable price component is based on the net asset value of a reference benchmark, which includes a set of assets agreed upon by the investment manager engine and a third-party distribution engine. The guaranteed annual income component is provided by the third-party distribution engine through a guaranteed annual income stream within a predefined time window.

The method also includes features such as determining a redemption window for the guaranteed income assets and converting them into a guaranteed income stream based on the guaranteed income components. The graphical user interface displays the investment fund composition and a visual fund ring showing the allocation of funds between stocks, bonds, and guaranteed income assets.

The patent also covers a non-transitory computer-readable storage medium with encoded instructions that perform the same method as described above. Additionally, a system is described, consisting of a non-transitory memory and one or more hardware processors that execute the instructions to perform the method.

Overall, this patent presents a computer-implemented method for administering an investment fund, specifically focusing on managing portfolios and adding guaranteed income assets based on user contributions and cost analysis. The method aims to provide a user-friendly interface and ensure a reliable and predictable income stream for investors.

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