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Collaborative Investing Platform and Customer Engagement Tools

1240 - 1140 West Pender St
BC V6E 4G1

Voleo turns savers into investors by facilitating collaborative investing through a white-label mobile and desktop platform.

We have been recognised as Finovate’s Best of Show in 2017 and collaborated with leaders in the financial sector such as Nasdaq, TMX Group, PlugAndPlay Fintech and Accenture FinTech Innovation Lab London.

Our solution enables you to offer a uniquely engaging investment experience to customers while opening an authentic new channel for customer acquisition.

Making stock investing accessible

Voleo sought to find a better way to service millennials by providing the opportunity to take true ownership of an investment portfolio, without bearing all the risk themselves. The result of comprehensive development is a uniquely positioned social trading app that makes it easy to invest with friends, family and colleagues.

Voleo helps make investing together easy by facilitating investment teams within a broader community where individuals can gather insights.

By creating an in-app environment where investors can collaborate and discuss financial markets, we enable a stronger and more engaged audience of retail investors who can build portfolios including a wide range of assets, including proprietary funds offered by our partners, listed stocks, ETFs and other instruments.

Shared intelligence and shared returns

Voleo’s patent-pending trading technology has allowed users to leverage the collective knowledge of their peers and revolutionise how individuals trade stocks.

Voleo users are able to trade on their own or propose ideas to their groups. They learn from every decision they make with our proprietary gamification engine, building up a DROID (definitive return on investment decision) score.

Investment teams for collective benefit

Investing as a group of people who pool their money and collectively make investment decisions can be done through individual accounts or traditional investment clubs. An advantage of the club model is that combined liquidity makes it possible to build a portfolio, save on trading fees, and learn and engage with others.

Voleo’s innovative app has streamlined the onboarding process entirely via smartphone and standardised the club documentation, which makes administration simple. Where the formal club structure isn’t an option, individuals can still participate in teams to share ideas and gather insights from the broader community.

It’s positive for more than just users, as financial institution partners are also beneficiaries of increased engagement. They have opportunities to offer additional products, attract new customers and build brand loyalty.

Powerful referral engine and B2B applications

For financial institutions looking to expand their customer base, Voleo brings brands and their customers closer through a trusted online community.

Through our patent-pending collaborative trading technology, Voleo makes it easy for financial institutions to engage and extend their customer base. On average, each club founded on Voleo’s platform has led to 13 members of their social circle being invited to join, with team sizes averaging nine members and growing.

From a customer acquisition standpoint, Voleo creates opportunities for financial institutions to reach new prospects through authentic, human connections.