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Client Collaboration Software for Financial Services

Basel, Switzerland

Centralbahnplatz 10
4051 Basel

Basel, Switzerland

Centralbahnplatz 10
4051 Basel

Unblu solutions empower financial institutions to make every online conversation important and profitable.

With more than 120 implementations in the global financial industry, institutions such as UBS, Barclays, BNP Paribas, and AON are using our software suite to deliver an online conversational experience with customers.

With a focus on the financial industry, our software has been designed to meet financial regulatory requirements.

Collaborative software for financial companies

Financial institutions use Unblu software to increase online conversions,  improve and optimise customer experiences, and develop successful business relationships.

Features available in the Unblu suite include:

  • Conversational interfaces: you can implement on your authenticated online channels and mobile applications such as secure in-line messaging, and video and voice chat. These will help you to remain close to your customers, improving support and advice
  • Collaboration layers: helping banking agents and relationship managers to improve customer conversation over digital channels. Agents and advisers can securely browse together in the e-banking portal, internal applications or documents

Secure private messaging services

Suitable for the private banking sector, Unblu’s Secure Messenger is designed for asynchronous conversations with a focus on complex financial products and situations when the customer has a dedicated adviser.

It can be easily integrated into your e-banking portals and mobile apps, as well as third-party messaging platforms, so it provides the WhatsApp experience while remaining compliant.

Secure Messenger works seamlessly with the rest of Unblu features such as video, voice or co-browsing so relationship managers can manage all customer interactions in a single place.

Video chat facilities for direct customer communication

Unblu’s LiveView feature allows financial customers to communicate directly and immediately with agents and support staff. Bank personnel can also share documents or images, as well as enhance the experience with a video or voice call.

LiveView enables an agent can see exactly what the visitor sees, so issues are understood and resolved quicker. It also allows you to prioritise chat requests and assign incoming chats to active agents or departments.

Companies can automate standard responses and macros to deliver a personalised service, and they can integrate our application protocol interface (API) with internal systems and deliver key information related to everyday activities.

Video and voice chat capabilities

The Video and Voice Chat by Unblu offers a personal, attentive one-on-one support service that can be used to accelerate the sales process.

Based on the WebRTC real-time communications platform, the chat function is compatible on any browser or device without requiring any additional software.

Our software development key (SDK) enables clients to quickly add video and voice chat to native apps on both iOS and Android platforms.

All communication is handled for fulfilling compliance requirements, which includes archiving video sessions, full customer history, call recording and encrypting archives.

Co-browsing functionalities for online and offline customers

Unblu’s Co-Browsing facility can combine online self-service and the traditional communication methods at a bank.

We offer a variety of co-browsing options, which include:

  • Embedded co-browsing: the agent or adviser joins and collaborates with the customer on the bank’s website, e-banking or customer portal
  • Universal co-browsing: the agent or adviser and customer can jointly view and navigate any public or private website
  • Document co-browsing: agents and advisers can work with customers and guide them through complex documentation
  • Mobile co-browsing: agents and advisers can join customers on their mobile apps

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