The Agile and DevOps software development processes have made continuous testing essential, yet the field is still dominated by legacy tools and outdated processes that don’t meet the needs of today’s digital transformation initiatives.

The Tricentis Tosca real-time continuous testing platform aims to simplify testing of modern enterprise transactions to ensure that the software delivers the experience demanded by end-users.

Seen as the continuous testing leader in both Forrester Wave and the Gartner Magic Quadrant reports, Tricentis assists companies such as financial organisations (Deutsche Bank, Allianz), vehicle manufacturers (Toyota, BMW) and retail chains (Whole Foods, Starbucks) to achieve test automation rates of 90% and higher.

Real-time continuous testing platform for the financial sector

Tricentis Tosca accelerates testing to keep up-to-date with Agile and DevOps. Incorporating the industry’s most innovative functional testing technologies, the platform surpasses the capabilities of conventional testing tools.

Using Tricentis Tosca, enterprise teams achieve test automation rates of 90% and higher, delivering the fast and continuous feedback required for Agile and DevOps.

Streamlining end-to-end functional testing, the platform automates tests across modern enterprise architectures, starting from the application programming interfaces (APIs), to web; mobile and app-enabled user interfaces, as well as business intelligence (BI) and data warehouses.

It is designed to implement and extend existing testing tools such as Selenium, SoapUI and HPE UFT, while enabling constant testing within the continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) process.

The benefits of the Tricentis Tosca platform include:

  • Deliver fast feedback for Agile and DevOps software processes
  • Reduce regression testing time to minutes
  • Maximise reuse and maintainability
  • Gain clear insight into business risk
  • Integrate and extend existing test assets, including HPE UFT, Selenium and SoapUI

Sustainable test automation systems

Tricentis Tosca minimises test maintenance and maximises reuse so that rapid change does not disrupt test automation.

The system also integrates testing for systems such as APIs, graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and data warehouses, with service virtualisation and test data management or generation capabilities.

In addition, Tricentis Tosca is also capable of a range of processes, including:

  • Testing: exploratory, mobile, risk-based, cross-browser, SAP and API
  • Model-based test automation
  • Service virtualisation
  • Test data management
  • Integration with platforms such as Selenium and SoapUI
  • HPE UFT/QTP testing replacement
  • BI/data warehouse testing
  • Robotic process automation

Easy-to-maintain test automation capabilities

Tricentis Tosca enables sustainable test automation for the market’s fast-paced development processes, as model-based tests ease the maintenance processes that undermine automation initiatives.

When business processes change, a platform update will automatically synchronise affected tests. The system’s test case design technology also determines the most efficient set of test cases and data for optimal risk coverage to expedite test execution, and facilitate maintenance and debugging.

Real-time platform for test automation and continuous testing

Tricentis Tosca enables continuous testing, providing real-time insight into risk with business-focused, actionable results.

These include:

  • Helping the entire team collaborate to quickly expose critical defects
  • Integrating testing directly into CI/CD pipelines and ‘best of breed’ DevOps systems network
  • Ensuring that appropriate test data is always available to the automated tests
  • Simulating the behaviour of dependent systems unavailable during test execution