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Digital IT Solutions for Financial Institutions

ITSector (Porto)

Rua José Falcão, 151, 1º/2º
4050-317 Porto

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ITSector provides products such as credit solutions and digital transformation; specialised development; application and management services

The company’s innovative programming solutions are used in a wide range of sectors, including finance, insurance, health, retail and sport.

In addition to its headquarters in Porto and four other offices in Portugal, ITSector also has operations in Germany, the UK, Poland, Angola, Mozambique and Kenya.

Digital IT solutions for the financial sector

ITSector provides financial organisations with the speed and flexibility to create a seamless customer experience across any device whenever it is used.

Our banking solutions aim to allow financial institutions to connect with their customers in order to simplify the process of client acquisition and retention.

ITSector works with clients to ensure solutions fit their needs and objectives.

Credit solutions for banking organisations

ITSector’s banking solutions are designed to contemplate every phase of the credit lifecycle, from calculation to the approval, contracting and disbursement.

They adapt to all types of credit and offer multi-channel, multi-business, multi-currency and multi-language capabilities.

ITSector’s solutions aim to make credit contracting fast and simple for users and their bank. By offering a specialised interface, financial institutions are able to receive clients’ requests and offer an array of services.  These include quick answers; core credit simulation functions; registration; documents upload; validation system; and final decision and contracting capabilities.

Omnichannel banking solutions

ITSector’s omnichannel systems enable individuals to be in control at any time or place, and across any channel.

The company offers platforms for applications such as augmented reality, account management, and internet,  mobile, voice, social media, and TV banking.

ITSector ensures it offers the best development, usability, integration and innovation in its solutions.

With more than 12 years of experience, the company has more than 350 IT specialists that delivered more than 200 projects worldwide in 2016.

ITSector (Lisbon)

Edifício Atrium do Saldanha, 1 - 9º A
1050-094 Lisboa

+351 217 935 258

ITSector (Braga)

Rua Padre António Vieira, 105
4710-412 Braga

+351 253 137 501

ITSector (Aveiro)

Rua Cristóvão de Pinho Queimado, 9023, Loja 8.2
3800-012 Aveiro

+351 234 098 805

ITSector (Bragança)

Brigantia EcoPark Av. Cidade León, 506 - Piso 2
5301-358 Bragança

ITSector (Mozambique)

Rua Dar-Es-Salaam, nº 296 - Bairro da Sommerschield
1102 Maputo

+258 84 69 30 486

+258 84 48 30 574

ITSector (Angola)

Condomínio Umbi Umbi
Morro Bento (Gamek)

+244 930327770/1

+244 226215365

ITSector (Kenya)

Delta Corner Tower, 13th Floor, Chiromo Road
P.O. Box 13796 - 00800
Nairobi, Kenya

+254 739 415 412

+254 786 863 110

ITSector (Germany

Sony Center Potsdamer Platz - Kemperplatz 1
10785 Berlin

ITSector (Poland)

Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (PPCC) Rejtana 17/32, 8th floor
02-516 Warsaw