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Digital Vaults for Enhanced Banking Security

DSwiss AG

Badenerstrasse 329
8003 Zurich

DSwiss AG

Badenerstrasse 329
8003 Zurich

DSwiss is a worldwide leading provider of highly secure digital vaults to protect sensitive personal documents and passwords.

Customers of financial organisations use our digital vaults to store and access their ever-growing list of passwords along with their financial documents, policies and other essential files confirming their identity, property or legal rights.

Secure digital vaults for financial organisations

DSwiss’s innovative digital vaults enable increased client retention due to the long-term data storage, while reducing costs and enhanced branding through white label products.

The company’s solutions provide clients with a uniquely safe place to store their personal files and passwords. Enabling paperless backups and integration with web and mobile apps to access passwords and files on-the-go, clients are assured that they are the only ones who can access to the vault.

Data protection solutions for e-banking

A DSwiss digital vault can be purchased as a complete white label solution, which is integrated as a separate area of an existing e-banking service.

Its single sign-in technology eliminates the need for customers to create a separate login for the solution and it can be seamlessly integrated as an extension of an existing product, making the DSwiss digital safe highly convenient for anyone already familiar with e-banking.

E-doc delivery and GDPR compliance

Each DSwiss digital vault has the option of digital delivery of bank statements directly into your personal account.

e-Doc Delivery is compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) specified by the EU, which aims to ensure that personal data of any EU citizen remains in his / her ownership.

By delivering all bank documents to a customer’s personal safe, financial organisations will automatically have placed the document in the ownership of the client, avoiding any issues with the GDPR.

Robust digital storage for personal documents

Asset managers and bank clients benefit from integrated secure file sharing options with a DSwiss digital vault, including the ability to exchange important documents easily and confidentially.

The 1:1 collaboration allows financial organisations or their customers to open shared folders within the digital vault and to specify with whom they want to share certain vital documents, for instance, when customers are in the process of obtaining a loan or getting investment advice.

Workflow processes can also be integrated to allow for clients to approve, sign or fill in forms made available from the bank or vice-versa.

Multiple encryption layers for online data storage of sensitive information

DSwiss meets the highest security standards for online storage solutions, which have been checked by the security teams from several international retail and private banks before being deemed fit as a collaboration partner.

The company’s service incorporates strong user authentication at login, multiple encryption layers and zero knowledge architecture to ensure maximum privacy protection.

DSwiss’s client portfolio includes UBS and Zurich Kantonalbank.

Personalised digital vaults

With DSwiss’s white label approach, client branding will be implemented across the digital safe solution. This ensures that end-clients recognise the vault as a unique offering from a financial organisation.

With the built-in password manager available from desktop, tablets and smartphones, clients are likely to be using their vault daily, seeing a brand every time they login to their vault.

SaaS-managed servers and on-site solutions

DSwiss manages its own server infrastructure in highly secure distinct data centres.

Clients can therefore decide whether to have their digital vaults managed by its software-as-a-system (SaaS) engineers in high-security data centres in Switzerland, or alternatively opt for a model with all equipment installed onsite or at a preferred location.

About DSwiss

Founded in 2008 in Zurich, Switzerland, DSwiss currently employs 35 specialists from various professional disciplines.