Colvir Software Solutions develops, implements and supports an end-to-end, integrated core banking solutions for the retail and commercial finance sectors.

The company’s software is designed to automate the financial and administrative activities of banks, as well as provide a single execution environment for internal and external users.

Colvir’s core banking solution includes enterprise resource planning (ERP) and treasury capabilities, along with a compliance suite, a data warehouse and an analytics platform.

Software-as-a-service retail finance solutions

Colvir’s solutions are available via a traditional software licence or a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis.

The modular, integrated systems span across all key processes within a bank, and their flexible structure enables acquisition and implementation as a single system or by individual suites.

All solutions are built on a standard platform and share a common system kernel, services and tools.

The platform has been successfully implemented in more than 400 projects, including World Bank ‘Financial Services Development Projects’. According to IBS Journal, in terms of the number of new banking system implementations, the company was among the TOP-20 worldwide in 2012.

Customisable retail banking solutions

In most cases, the Colvir solution can be custom-configured by non-technical business users without knowledge of the system’s data structure.

Examples include transaction descriptions, accounting models, fee schedules, product templates, interest rates, object encoding rules, and financial metrics with analytical profiles.

Additional tools such as the Data Dictionary, Product Designer and Accounting Model Designer allow coding-free customisation and are a key differentiator of Colvir’s solution.

Implementation of the solution can be carried out by the company’s consultants, certified partners and/or a customer’s own in-house resources. This flexibility enables achievable implementation within short timescales without disrupting the client’s business activities.

The range of available implementation services includes advice related to product installation, configuration, testing, data migration, operation and project management. Where customers rely on their own in-house resources, Colvir’s focus is on training an implementation team who then carry out the bulk of the work. While reducing the project cost, this approach requires the customer to assemble a highly skilled implementation team.

Multilingual technical support

Colvir’s multilingual technical support function is manned by its most experienced employees who have extensive knowledge of the company’s products and tools.

Within the support framework, Colvir resolves any errors found in their software, as well as eliminate any customer emergency.

Support is delivered remotely, with the Colvir Service Desk system being used as the main communications vehicle. Customers are also provided with access to the Colvir knowledge base.

A distinguishing feature of Colvir’s maintenance and technical support services is support for customers’ own software modifications. To facilitate this and ensure a high-quality service, the company has developed a suite of technology tools that tracks customer modifications and monitors customer product configurations and version updates.

About Colvir

Established in 2000, UK-based Colvir has consistently demonstrated steady financial growth and appeared in the Deloitte TOP-500 Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) fastest growing technology companies several times.

The group’s head office is located in London and has sales offices in London, Istanbul, Dubai, Hanoi and Moscow.

In addition, the company has research and development (R&D) labs located across Europe and Asia, along with a strong team comprising more than 1,000 highly skilled and experienced professionals such as analysts, consultants, software architects and programmers.