BPC creates payment solutions for retailers and customers worldwide.

We are the developer of the innovative SmartVista platform, which handles a wide range of issues related to automated teller machine (ATM) management, billing, mobile and contactless payments, settlement, point-of-sale (POS), card issuing and acquiring, microfinance, fraud prevention, ticketing and electronic payments processing.

Designed to incorporate start-of-the-art technologies, SmartVista combines availability, innovation, functionality, flexibility, security and scalability.

We have built the platform around a robust security framework, which has been validated under the PCI’s Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS).

SmartVista’s comprehensive functionality and technology enable clients to deploy bespoke projects, support regional initiatives, streamline cross-borders transactional flows and easily handle potential payment issues.

Digital payments ecosystems

Payments are starting to incorporate more fully digitised processes where transactional data around the payment is becoming increasingly important.

BPC supports a full range of retail banking solutions and digital payments ecosystems to underpin this transition to fully digitalise financial services.

Our portfolio of digital payment solutions includes online and mobile banking, fraud prevention, digital wallets, payment hubs, API banking and payment switches.

Financial inclusion

Whether it is bringing banking to the people through an agent network, facilitating payments through low barrier mobile solutions or providing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) access to a credit facility to optimise their cash flow, BPC has the relevant tools to create access to a financial product for all clients.

We can demonstrate our capabilities through multiple real-life case studies where our technology and expertise is making a difference to our client base.


Mobility is a key success factor for economic growth, and efficient and secure mobility solutions are a key enabler.

Investing in a good (public) transportation infrastructure is only part of the equation since most means of transportation also require some sort of payment to be made, such as buying fuel, purchasing a ticket for public transportation or connected cars paying autonomously.

Global expertise, local knowledge

Our customers include leading tier one banks and SMEs.

We have established a global network of local offices to provide long-term support to more than 200 clients, including leading financial institutions in 75 countries.