So. Now we know. In one of the most interesting and eagerly awaited UK banking supplier deals of this or recent years, Atom Bank has plumped for Intelligent Environments’ Interact software to underpin their customers’ digital experience

This digital only solution is unique within the UK banking market and Atom will implement Interact across iOS, Android and Windows.
And for the writer’s part putting to one side for a second editorial independence, it is especially agreeable to see the good guys at Intelligent Environments – the founders of The Digital Banking Club with whom we work closely on the DBC web platform and quarterly debates – have picked up this deal.

Atom Bank CEO Mark Mullen said: "This partnership with Intelligent Environments is a critical part of our infrastructure and our offer to customers. The Interact platform allows us to fully customise and evolve our app. "This collaboration brings together two highly compatible organisations that are both determined to provide the very best of app based technology and security to customers.

"It has been a great experience working with Intelligent Environments in the early part of our journey and I know that they are going to be great partners going forward."

David Webber, MD at Intelligent Environments said: "Atom is leading the way amongst a new wave of disruptive and innovative players coming into the UK financial services industry. It has a determined focus on customer security and user experience.

"By implementing Interact with us, Atom will promptly establish a reputation for secure and swift data handling for its customers across any channel. We are incredibly excited about working with Atom."

Co-founded by Mullen, ex CEO of First Direct and Anthony Thomson, co-founder of Metro Bank, Atom is the first bank in the UK focused on a mobile app to be awarded a banking licence.

The Atom app will feature face and voice recognition biometric security and will be available on wearable devices as well as online, tablet and smartphone.

Based in Durham in the North East of England, the start-up has identified six key values: respectful, sharing, pioneering, courageous, energetic and joyful.

Thomson has spoken of the potential for Atom to target a cost-income ratio of below 30% with savings passed on to customers via attractively priced products.

Notwithstanding the success of the 7-day current account switching initiative launched in late 2013, switching rates in the UK remain stubbornly low.

In the 12 months to April, only 1.2m of 46m current account holders switched banks, a switching-rate barely above 2%.

Atom has now recruited around 100 staff as it gears up to go live with Lisa Wood, the distinguished former head of marketing at First Direct among a number of high profile hires.

Atom has selected Mother, the world’s largest independent marketing agency, to be its strategic creative partner across all activity from developing brand strategy to producing a full, integrated creative platform.