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Country Survey: Netherlands Digital Banking

With digital banking set to become an increasingly important competition point across the world, banks in the Netherlands show no sign of lagging. Isabella Grotto reports on the state of digital banking in the Netherlands

MasterCard partners with major banks to unveil MasterPass in Italy

MasterCard has revealed plans to unveil its new digital payments platform MasterPass, in partnership with several of the country’s major banks.

The evolution of the branch in 2013

As branch numbers decrease and internet banking figures continue to soar, what does the future hold for branch banking? Isabella Grotto takes a look at global branch innovation in 2013, and the opportunities that the ‘branches of the future’ hold for financial institutions in the digital age

Lloyds fined £28m over incentive schemes’ ‘serious failings’

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has imposed a £28m penalty against Lloyds Banking Group over what it termed ‘serious failings’ in its sales incentives schemes.

Metro Bank bids for £387.5m investment

UK bank Metro Bank has revealed plans to raise £387.5m ($633.37m) to fund its development.

Bank readiness hinges on multiple factors, but branch experience must not be neglected – SunGard reports

SunGard’s newly published report looks into bank readiness, and asks whether banks in Southeast Asia and the Middle East are meeting the demands of their clients in an era of rapidly changing consumer behaviour. Isabella Grotto looks at the report’s findings

RBS to confront ‘seismic shift’ in banking with move away from branches

Ross McEwan, the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)’s newly appointed chief executive, has spoken of the need to replace branch banking with ‘smarter solutions’ in the face of ‘seismic shifts’ in banking.

Revenue set to take precedence over regulation for banks in 2014

Research by analysts at Ovum has found that 2014 will see a shift in retail banks’ focus away from regulation and towards revenue.

Research shows UK banks most vulnerable to hacking

A study by Hi-Tech Bridge, an information security service company, has revealed that UK banks’ websites are under the highest threat from hackers.

Study shows half of bank customers feel undervalued – Ipsos Mori

A study released by market research organisation Ipsos Mori revealed that almost half (48%) of customers in the UK, Germany, France, and the US feel they are not valued by their bank.