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From the overbanked and underbanked: There is an e-wallet for everyone

As technology opens new doors to more sophisticated services and offerings in the payments space, it is important to remain inclusive – especially in Asia, where there is a sizeable untapped market of consumers who do not have access to traditional financial services. Xiou Ann Lim takes a look at two e-wallets

Good customer experience – beyond the bells and whistles

Customer franchise director at Citibank Singapore and 2016 winner of the Customer Experience in Financial Services Leadership award Alice Fok reveals that it takes more than gadgets and technology to impress customers. Xiou Ann Lim finds out more

Achieving massclusivity in retail banking

For the longest time now, market segmentation has focused on millennials – but not all millennials are made equal – which is why banks are beginning to zoom in on other indicators such as socioeconomic status on top of age group. Enter the emerging affluent, who are believed to be the millionaires of tomorrow. As retail banks in Asia set out to court them, Xiou Ann Lim uncovers the underlying strategies behind this move as well as the hurdles that banks have to clear to make a success of this pursuit

The future of retail banking in Asia

The RBI Asia Trailblazer Summit 2016 – hosted in Singapore – featured panellists from start-ups and banks operating across the region, who discussed the banking model of the future in Asia. Xiou Ann Lim reports on their thoughts regarding the region and how it is moving forward and what needs to be improved

The two-step: Myanmar’s dance with liberalisation and modernisation

Myanmar’s political front is not the only landscape that is undergoing a liberal revolution, its banking sector is experiencing rapid changes as well. Xiou Ann Lim reports

Compliance: an opportunity?

In the current climate of escalating costs within the banking industry, financial institutions often view compliance as a bureaucratic burden. But can it be more than just a box-ticking exercise? Xiou Ann Lim speaks to Richard Chapman, head of strategy for the reconciliation business at FIS