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One in ten using mobile banking

Around 9% of mobile phone users are using their devices to access bank accounts, according to research presented by the Future Foundation at MasterCard Europe’s Prepaid Conference in Barcelona.

Experian to trial unique PIN service

Data and decision support specialist Experian has developed a newsolution for banks toimprove the effectiveness of their lending decisions. Experianis set to trial a way of assigning a unique identification number to individuals This number would remain attached to the individual in a database regardless of changes to the individuals details.

Teradata opens up Banks to Social Web Analytics

US data and analytics specialist Teradata has developed a system for banks toanalyse web and mobile data alongside traditional information.Until now, banks have been able to analyse a limited number of web data streams along with traditional data using Teradata’s Integrated Web Intelligence<http:www.teradata.comtproducts-and-servicesintegrated-web-intelligence>tool Now the data giant has developed a system for third party software developers to integrate up to 2000 new fields of data.Speaking to RBI at the Teradata Partners Conference in San Diego, Teradata customer experience strategist Paul Barrett explained that the new system would allow banks to look at information from Facebook, Twitter, mobile analytics tools and other third party data feeds

Wells Fargo automates Facebook and Twitter Analysis

Wells Fargo said it willautomate monitoring of social media comments before the end of the year. Speaking at the annual Teradata Partners Conference in San Diego,Wells Fargo vice presidentmarketing decision strategies John Teget said that the bank started automatic processing of customer comments captured in call centers and branchesfive months ago