Wells Fargo has rolled out ATM Cash
Tracker and My Money Map with the aim of helping students track and
stay on top of their finances.

ATM Cash Tracker helps
students budget their cash usage. Students can establish a monthly
withdrawal budget at the ATM; each time they return to the ATM,
students can see how they are doing compared to their budgeton the
screen while they are transacting.

My Money Map is a free interactive
online tool that provides a dashboard view of a customer’s
financial picture using data from their Wells
accounts, including credit card, debit card, checking
and savings accounts and bill pay transactions.

Angel Zapata, senior
vice president, national manager for Wells
Foundation’s Office of Financial Education,

 “Students and
their families are facing unprecedented challenges managing
day-to-day finances in addition to finding the funds to pay for
rising tuition costs.

Wells Fargo is here to help them manage almost every
aspect of their finances, from educational programmes to affordable
lending solutions to savings and checking accounts to