Flux has partnered up with Barclays to trial instant digital receipts. Barclays is the first high street incumbent to partner with Flux.

The trial will include an estimated 10,000 customers of the Barclays Launchpad app; Barclays’ platform for testing new apps and features.

Customers that take part in the trial will see their digital receipts in real-time. Directly sent to their Barclays app, users will see all payment transactions sent and received with VAT. The app’s real-time platform will enable customers to easily track their spending habits and control their financial data.

In addition, the trial will also see Flux collaborating with Barclaycard to support businesses in delivering digital receipts. Merchants via integration through their point-of-sale devices will be able to issue digital receipts to any customer, with a bank that uses the Flux service.

Matty Cusden-Ross, co-founder and CEO of Flux, said: “We believe that Flux is the next biggest innovation for retail payments since contactless. Nobody wants to keep track of hundreds of bits of paper in the 21st century.

“We are determined to digitise the world’s receipts by linking to how customers pay anyways so we don’t change behaviour at checkout. We are excited to demonstrate the benefits of Flux to Barclays customers.”

If the trial is successful, Flux will be issued to the five million Barclays mobile banking customers.