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Cardinal Health Inc (Cardinal Health) is a provider of integrated healthcare products and services. It distributes branded and generic drugs, specialty medicines, over-the-counter healthcare and consumer products, medical equipment, surgical devices and laboratory products. It also operates nuclear pharmacies and cyclotron facilities, and manufactures its own line of private branded medical and surgical products. Its expertise spans four areas: logistics, product, business and patient solutions. Its clientele includes retail customers such as chain and independent drug stores and pharmacies in supermarkets and mass merchandisers, hospitals, ambulatory care centers, physician offices, clinical laboratories and alternative care providers including mail order customers. The company also provides cost effective solutions with an effective supply chain. The company operates in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, China and Japan. Cardinal Health is headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, the US.

Company info

Country (HQ): United States
Sector: Wholesale
Market Cap (US$ m): 22,038
Revenue (US$ m): 181,364 (2022)

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