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Avon Protection plc (Avon), formerly Avon Rubber plc, is a technology company, which specializes in respiratory and head protection systems and milking point solutions. It designs, tests and manufactures specialist products and services for its customers. The company’s product portfolio includes gas masks, emergency hoods, rebreathers, consumable filters, thermal imaging camera equipment, boots, gloves, spray paint kit, pulsators, milk meters, automatic cluster removers and milking clusters among others. It offers products to dairy and military markets, including the US Department of Defense (DoD), civil, police, emergency service teams, industrial, marine, and others. It sells products to distributors and original equipment manufacturers It has presence across North America, Asia, and Europe. Avon is headquartered in Melksham, Wiltshire, the UK.

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Country (HQ): United Kingdom
Sector: Chemicals
Market Cap (US$ m): 359
Revenue (US$ m): 272 (2022)

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