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Angel Yeast Co Ltd (Angel Yeast) is a producer and supplier of yeast and yeast derivatives. The company’s product portfolio includes baker’s yeast, bread improver and premixes, baking powder, probiotics drops, and functional food ingredients. It also offers yeast extract (YE), nutrition, human care, and animal and plant nutrition products, distilled spirits and biofuels. The company also offers sells enzymes and YEs. The company's major brands include Eagle, Bakerdream, Angel, Gloripan, Fubon. The company operates through a network of technical centers, YE facilities and yeast production plants in China, Egypt, Singapore and Russia. Angel Yeast is headquartered in Yichang, Hebei, China.

Company info

Country (HQ): China
Sector: Ingredients
Market Cap (US$ m): 5,005
Revenue (US$ m): 1,909 (2022)

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