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Stu Robarts

Stu is editor for Thematic Intelligence at GlobalData, overseeing news and features that cover the major themes affecting industries.

Over half of professionals think ESG is ‘just marketing’ – and why that matters

Scepticism about ESG activities remains high, but businesses can avoid negative perceptions by supporting only aligned causes.

The state of cybersecurity: AI and geopolitics mean a bigger threat than ever

Perpetrators are using AI to facilitate cyber attacks, while attacks themselves are being used to sow geopolitical discord.

Knowledge sharing puts finance sector among best for cybersecurity – expert

Richard Hummel, NetScout’s threat intelligence lead, points to FS-ISAC as a model of good knowledge sharing for cybersecurity.

COP28 podcast: max 1.5°C temperature rise limit now ‘not possible’

Andrew Griffiths, a director at Planet Mark, suggests that minimising and bringing back down overshoot should now become the priority.

Q&A: GlobalData’s Laura Petrone on the future of tech regulation

Tech regulation is set to proliferate as innovation presents new risks, but ensuring innovation still flourishes is key.