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Security is a Service

In a time of new online attacks, security should be treated as a service. If you get it right, and promote it appropriately, security can be a key factor in your bank achieving above normal performance, argues Michael Nuciforo

Is it time to branch out?

It’s quite strange how the word ‘branch’ can mean three totally different things. (1) A part of a tree which grows out from the trunk, (2) To separate or divide, or (3) building where banking is conducted, writes Michael Nuciforo

ATMs are old school – Myanmar leapfrogs to mobile banking

I have been very fortunate over the last few years to speak at a variety of banking events and conferences across the world. Having spoken to bankers from Singapore to Paris and even Tehran, one thing that has always struck me is the commonality in the challenges that banks face irrespective of region or maturity level. I had got to the stage where I thought I had seen and heard it all before. That was until I visited the beautiful country of Myanmar recently, writes Michael Nuciforo

Short of breadth

As financial services recruiters seem to be short of breath at the moment lack of the correct talent having come up as a common problem area for both recruiters and employers since the start of 2012 Michael Nuciforo says that as recruiters scramble to fill the gaps, they may actually be suffering from a shortage of breadth. Most financial services recruiters seem to be a little short of breath at the moment. Where is all the talent they wonder? As they quickly scurry around, high on caffeine, from client to client. It is a common pain point that has come up in conversation with both recruiters and employers since the start of the year. London, a city of over 7m people, is suffering from a severe shortage of mobile, digital and payment experts. There simply arent enough people to go around. As recruiters scramble to fill the gaps, they may indeed be feeling short of breath, but in fact, they are actually suffering from a shortage of breadth.

Time to mobilise your staff

Michael Nuciforo is a Mobile and Digital Banking Consultant at Keatan who has previously worked at ANZ on a number of developments including the ANZ goMoney application and until November last year, was head of mobile banking at Royal Bank of Scotland managing the UK retail portfolio. It amazes me that in 2012 most banks still insist on dictating the mobile technology used by their workforce. With such a tight grip on access, policies and content, some organisations more closely resemble the police state of the former Soviet Union. To maintain control the industry has even resorted to using its own secret police The BES which has become the preferred method for maintaining order. All sarcasm aside, mobile investment should not be limited to customer facing services. Here are eight tips to mobilise your workforce before you face a very angry uprising.