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Corporate sustainability needs ESG standards and tools

Global industry leaders are embracing ESG issues but diverging reporting standards pose a challenge to corporate sustainability.

Heather Buchanan: “Right now, you’re competing on sustainability standards”

Bankers for Net Zero CEO and co-founder Heather Buchanan discusses ESG, regulation and carbon accounting.

Signal: Visa, Mastercard to raise credit card fees despite increased profit

Increases in merchant fees could cost businesses an additional $502m annually, with costs passed on to customers.

Signal: Binance continues problem solving, but more trouble looms

Despite claiming a focus on regulatory compliance, the company continues to face legal trouble across the globe.

Signal: Fraud increasing among Millennials, Gen Z – internet use key factor

Millennials make up almost half of fraud victims online, despite increasing focus on the topic from banks.

Banks may find opportunity in the metaverse, but short-term caution advised

With a dwindling user base and high entry cost, the benefits of the metaverse for banks are lacking, at least for now.

Signal: Chinese economic worries not affecting retail banking hirings, yet

Hirings in Chinese retail banks remain similar to last year despite Western concerns over the economy.

Signal: TSB’s fintech programme allows easy access to innovation

The return of TSB’s fintech focused Innovation Lab highlights the benefits of partnering banks and start-ups.

Signal: Italian banks’ shares rally after U-turn, but the damage is done

Banks are struggling to recover from a surprise windfall tax announced Monday despite a government ‘clarification’ the day after.

Signal: H1 hirings down, but European banks are looking for staff

Some European banks are bucking the trend, but sector confidence is clearly low at 2023 halfway mark.