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AI needed to tackle AI fraud – cybersecurity expert

Resitant AI CEO Martin Rehak says AI fraud is predominantly enabling a change of scale without engendering a change of scope.

As fintech develops, strategic partnerships face more granular competition

Fintechs and banks have always relied on strategic partnerships to divide risk and increase growth, but competition is heating up.

AR hype in payments sector has worn off, but marketing opportunities remain

A new report suggests that augmented reality is no longer garnering the kind of excitement it used to in the payments sector.

What are sustainability-linked loans and why are they struggling?

Sustainability-linked loans were once the darling of green banking, but, faced with greenwashing allegations, they are falling out of favour.

Financial services firms must focus on Scope 3 to achieve net zero – report

A new report suggests that financial services providers are not paying enough attention to reporting on Scope 3 emissions.

Higher inflation will lead investors towards variable assets

As inflation becomes more variable, so too will the assets favoured by investors, according to a new report.

Q&A: the future of IoT in retail banking

Technology director and digital transformation expert Rob Cottrill discusses what’s driving IoT adoption in retail banking.

IoT is already everywhere in retail banking – but what’s next?

IoT has already extended through the retail banking sector, but experts say integrating big data will spur onward growth.

Signal: New York State to introduce BNPL licensing legislation

The rise of buy now pay later products has concerned regulators for years, but until now little has been done.

Signal: ECB ready to increase action against banks that ignore climate risk

The European Central Bank will take action beyond fines against banks that refuse to manage their exposure to climate risk.