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Samsung eyes super app status through domestic player support

According to GlobalData’s Global Retail Banking Analytics, Kookmin Bank and Hana Bank were among the top five South Korean banks for retail deposits with market shares of 8% and 6.8%, respectively, in 2022.

Morgan Stanley’s generative AI-based virtual assistant will enhance the group’s operational efficiency

Morgan Stanley has launched AI @ Morgan Stanley Assistant, based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology.

Pessimism reigns across the wealth management industry

After a difficult 2022, wealth management profitability is on track to see further declines in all regions in 2023, writes Andrew Haslip

Regulator’s reaction to SVB collapse creates new environment for smaller providers

A large and sudden wave of withdrawals from smaller providers could have incurred a domino effect of bank runs.

Referral incentives key for green mortgage take-up

Mohamad Hasan discusses the potential offered by green mortgages as part of banks’ overall ESG strategies