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Augmented reality in banking is a poor attempt by incumbents to combat fintechs

AR experiences can offer clear and intuitive presentations of financial products and services in an industry often plagued by jargon and complexity.

Using regtech to promote sustainable finance

The rise of ‘greenwashing’ scandals has triggered a regulatory crackdown on organisations exaggerating their environmental credentials for marketing purposes

Coinbase’s vision for crypto adoption

Bitcoin’s market cap is back over $1 trillion and Coinbase posted its first quarterly profit in two years. GlobalData analyst Edward Bickerton takes a closer look at the leading crypto exchange.

COP27: Have we committed to our goals?

In general, the goal of COP27 centered around adaptive measures to save those that are in danger of the effects of climate change.

DNS-based attacks back from the cold

The financial sector has emerged as a prime target, bearing the brunt of the impact of DNS attacks.

What in the world has happened since COP27?

Governments are being forced into action on ESG topics.

The use of IoT across the financial services sector has hit maturity

Connected devices continue to provide financial services companies with valuable insights. Suneet Muru explains why future competitive advantage lies in integrating IoT alongside other technologies

ESG Top Trends: Banking ESG Impact

GlobalData Thematic Research has published a report entitled ESG Top Trends by Sector