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Terrorist Financing and Prepaid Cards: Ban Them!

The hysteria has started, the knee jerk reactions can be seen. The terrorists in France used prepaid cards so all prepaid cards should be banned or at the very minimum KYC done on people who get them. Of course we have not been told if these cards were even issued in the EU, or if they were full KYC or SDD cards writes David Parker

Coinify teams up with Payssion to tackle Bitcoin

Danish payment services provider Coinify is teaming up with Hong Kong based payment services provider Payssion in a partnership that hopes to develop alternative payment methods such as Bitcoin and blockchain currencies.

Sierra Leone paves the way for mobile money

Financial inclusivity is not what Sierra Leone has been known for. Until now, only 16% of the country had access to a bank account leaving over three quarters excluded from a formal financial system. But the recent Ebola crisis which wracked the region last year provided a catalyst for change, writes Alexander Atkins