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How payments can navigate customers through the cost-of-living crisis

Jos Henson Gric explores how companies and the payments industry have been working to help people face financial pressures

Outlook for 2023: More like Table Mountain than the Matterhorn?

Andrew Bell, CEO, Witan Investment Trust plc assesses market prospects for the New Year

What small banks and fintechs can do to support consumers in a cost-of-living crisis

With bitter predictions of a worsening cost-of-living crisis and a looming recession spelling hard times for many, Andrew Arwas discusses the role of small banks and fintechs in supporting consumers with financial management and solutions

The Metaverse: what does it mean for banks?  

The Metaverse is already here, it’s not the future but how will financial institutions in the real world prosper in this highly evolved digital arena asks Peter McConville

Customers expect more from their banks 

The GFT Banking Disruption Index data highlights how customers are increasingly apprehensive about checking their finances reports Douglas Blakey

HDFC Bank kicks off Indian banks’ reporting season with net profit +18.5% y-o-y, beating forecasts

HDFC Bank posts strong deposits and lending growth for the three months to end December with asset quality stable

Learning the lessons of the last crisis: “economic victims” of a recession bounce back to financial good faster

Peter Lemon says that the last recession showed people who lost work due to economy alone recovered on average in 9 months, versus 2.5 years for typical results in collections

Storepay: bridging BNPL with real world application

Storepay founder and CEO Khangal Nergui highlights the firm’s 2022 highlights and sets out the firm’s plan to launch in Indonesia. Douglas Blakey reports

How can banks stop fraud in a world of instant payments?

Saeed Patel explores why financial institutions must act in anticipation of a European Commission vote on mandated instant payments

Memo to PRs: here is a novel idea – check credit card statistics before wasting journalists’ time

Credit card use and credit card balances are not in decline as a result of BNPL growth despite what some of the less persuasive PRs might allege