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How many physical wallets do you use?

David Parker, of Polymath Consulting, considers the amount of payment devices the everyday consumer uses in comparison to physical forms of payment (cash, cards, etc.). Will there come a time when we have more cards on our phone than in our wallet? Will these clash? And how does one stay ahead of the crowd?

Using Your Mobile Phones at Petrol Stations is Not Allowed

Ah, unless you are paying for your fuel! David Parker writes

We used to be told the local shop was dead, is it true for the local bank?

A few years ago I remember reading the local supermarket/corner store was in real trouble. With the birth of internet shopping we would all be zapping away ordering our groceries online and getting them delivered with little need for the corner store.

As a Consumer, does EE Cash and Tap work?

This was going to be a short blog about the EE Cash on Tap service and ideally comparing it to the BPay band. What, asks David Parker, after all, could be simpler? I have an S5, and I pay monthly to EE