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New UK payments model sets global standard

Industry reaction to the Payments Strategy Forum’s final findings has been positive, being hailed as an effective model to serve end users better, create healthier competition, and put consumers and corporates at the heart of the UK payments system. Charles Wheeldon takes a closer look at the implications

Polish innovator banks on a mobile future

Poland’s mBank has been internationally recognised as one of the world’s most innovative lenders. Charles Wheeldon talks to the bank’s senior digital channels director, Piotr Hibner, about mBank’s latest mobile banking application, its award-winning innovations, and its vision of a data-led future

Inviting customers to make a U-turn

Are UK customers ready for turning? Charles Wheeldon talks to Alex Letts, chief ‘unbanking’ officer of UK-based challenger U. Letts believes that consumers are ready to opt for banking transparency in return for a modest monthly fee but, in the current market environment, is he right?